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1,563,051 Tonnes of Waste Monitored
289,289 gWh of Energy Monitored
318,187 Tonnes of CO2 Saved
78,145 Documents Processed

SmartTrace Software - The Internet of WasteTM

SmartTrace is an innovative platform to quickly manage your waste at multiple levels. This includes bridging rough data from waste contractors, extrapolating to Volume, E.W.C, Finance and Co2 statistics. Data extracted can act as a guide to improve methodology, educate, strengthen oversight and to direct improvements to the bottom line, as well as environmental outcomes.

SmartTrace PRO includes number of useful tools to support decision making processes. These tools can be utilised for understanding, education and goal settings to improved waste management. Achieve outstanding results. Become a leader in environmental management.
SmartTrace – “Letting You Know”

"The real benefit of SmartTrace is its simplicity; it provides a platform which centrally hosts and manages all my waste documentation. Audits are no longer a concern when using the filing room, or the certification of destruction and dispatch modules. The financial and statistical modules enables efficient and informative decision making. SmartTrace correlates and presents all my waste data making it a lean, efficient and professional tool for any EHS or facilities manager."
Cecil Black, EHS Regional Manager Europe, Nypro Healthcare

"…They (SmartTrace) have integrated the SmartTrace software with some of our other systems and it has vastly improved our collection of environmental information for our various regulatory reporting processes.

We are very happy with the final results, and are now using SmartTrace to monitor all of our waste and other environmental areas..."

Paul Silke, Head of Property & Engineering, RTE
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